Georges St-Pierre talks why he would rather not fight BJ Penn at this point in his career

By Russell Ess - August 25, 2016

Former UFC welterweight king Georges St-Pierre made it known that he was making his way through the process to fight in the UFC again.

Upon hearing the news, our namesake BJ Penn politely asked his former rival on twitter for another fight, this time at 155 pounds to which St-Pierre didn’t respond.

In a recent interview with ESPN, St-Pierre spoke about the potential matchups for him in the UFC, such as current welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and touched upon why fighting Penn isn’t in his best interest at the moment.

“Yeah, I’ll fight him, no problem,” St-Pierre said of fighting Woodley. “I want to fight him, no problem. There are a lot of guys calling me out — look, I’m not chickening out. The problem is this: there are fights that I believe are good for me, that can elevate me, and there are fights that cannot elevate me. Some guys are like, “You’re ducking.” I’m not ducking nobody. I’m taking a fight that is good for me. There are fights that are good, fights that are not good. Tyron Woodley is a very good fight for me. Nick Diaz is a very good fight for me. Some guys call me out — a lot of guys call me out.

“For example, BJ Penn, when he called me out. I’m not really interested in fighting BJ Penn because I fought him two times, and he’s a very dangerous fighter. He’s incredibly dangerous and incredibly skilled. And for me, I think it’s an unnecessary risk to take because if I win, I win nothing much — it doesn’t really elevate me more than I am now. Fighting is not about who’s got the biggest balls. You fight to elevate yourself. What will a win bring you? And what will be the consequence of a loss? That’s my manager’s job to [figure out]. And I trust them very well.”