Georges St-Pierre says it’s unlikely that he ever fights for UFC lightweight title

By Tom Taylor - September 26, 2018

If you were hoping former UFC welterweight and middleweight Georges St-Pierre might one day add the UFC lightweight title to his crowded trophy case, we’ve got some bad news.

Georges St-Pierre

Speaking to MMA Fighting this week, the Canadian MMA legend claimed that the doubts the UFC will ever let him fight for the UFC lightweight belt. After he won the UFC middleweight title with a submission of Michael Bisping in 2017, and promptly abandoned that title, he feels the promotion will be much more choosey with the opportunities they give him going forward.

“One thing I know is the UFC will never want me to go to 155,” Georges St-Pierre said. “They will be scared that I will ride off into the sunset with their belt again. And I understand them. I understand them from a business standpoint.”

While St-Pierre doesn’t believe there are any lightweight fights in his future, he is keeping the door open for a potential comeback. That being said, he’s not interested in fielding any offers right now.

“I don’t want any contract to fight somebody right now,” Georges St-Pierre said, “because the minute you sign a contract, the mental warfare starts, and stress is something that amplifies everything. So I want to make sure I deal with it, I take care of it, and when everything will be finished, I will be able to look forward. My health is the most important thing for me.”

“[But I’m] absolutely not [closing the door on fighting again]. I’m keeping the door open. When I close it, then people will know. But right now it’s held open.”

Georges St-Pierre also gave an update on his current weight, divulging that he’s currently around 183-pounds, which would seem to imply his days as a middleweight are over.

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 9/26/2018.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM


Georges St. Pierre