Charles Bennett Details Hotel Run-In with Wanderlei Silva During Rizin FF Fight Week

By Tom Taylor - October 3, 2016

If the legends are to b believed, Charles Bennett knocked out Wanderlei Silva in the un-filmed portion of an infamous 2005 backstage brawl. Unfortunately, the lack of footage of this alleged incident rendered this legend impossible to verify. What is possible to verify, however, is that Bennett and Silva’s beef, whatever truth or untruths it’s based upon, is alive and well.

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Late last month, the two fighters, who compete several weight classes apart, had a run in at the fighter hotel for Rizin Fighting Federation’s September 25 show. As the footage of this incident shows, they very nearly came to blows. Just what started the hotel showdown, however, was not immediately clear.

On Monday’s episode of the MMA Hour, Bennett, who now goes by “FELONY” instead of his traditional nickname “Krazy Horse,” offered up his side of the story. According to the enigmatic fighter, it all began with a photograph request.

“When I saw Candy-lei [Bennett’s new nickname for Silva] that night, I came in the room and I was like hey what’s up, can I get a picture?,” Bennett explained. “He saw me and he was like ‘yeah,’ but then as I’m walking up on him, n***a realized, ‘oh s**t, that’s that little guy that knocked me out a few years back.’ [Then he said] ‘F**k you,’ then he started waving his dick at me, and I was like, ‘alright, that’s cool, I see you’re still salty, but I don’t have a beef’.”

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When host Ariel Helwani asked for further clarification on this photograph request gone wrong, Bennett elaborated.

“In the beginning, he was like ‘yeah come on in and get in the picture’, but as I’m walking in, the n***a noticed who I was and was like ‘f**k you, f**k you,’ and started waving his dick at me, like ‘f**k you, f**k you,’ and I put my hands up and I was like ok.”

“I was just like ‘picture, picture, lemme get a picture n***a,’ and he started talking s**t and that’s when I pulled out my camera and was like ‘ok, let’s go live.’ So then I got on live and s**t, and then the bitch spit on me. So when he spit on me, that’s when I turned my phone off, cause it was like ok, yeah, if it gets to that point…”

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Ultimately, as the footage shows, Bennett’s brush with Silva didn’t come to blows. Bennett assured that this isn’t because he was afraid, however. In fact, he says the opposite is true.

“These guys sit up here, these f***ing keyboard junkies, and Facebook honkies, and punk-ass n****s, and they’re like ‘he was scared, he was scared,’ and I’m like ‘n***a, who was scared?’ I can tell you who was scared. Candy-lei was scared. And you know how I know he was scared? I’m gonna tell you the difference between me and Candy-lei. If a n***a knocks me out, I’ll accept that, and be like f**k it, and carry on. But if a n***’s spreading a rumor, then I have to do something to him.” 

“So, Candy-lei sees me, and instead of attacking because I’m lying on him, he approached with caution,” Bennett continued. “You approached with caution, n***a. You know why you approached with caution? Because you know, in your little mind, in that little peanut head of yours that’s got all the steroids in it that shrunk your brain, that FELONY cremated that ass. And if anything I said was a lie, then n***a when you see me, cause you’re so much bigger than me, you’d have attacked. You’d have come in full force, like ‘f**k that, you ain’t knocked me out n***a, so I’m gonna come in at your ass 100%.’ But no, what you did was stood back and you talked s**t to me. And not only did you talk s**t to me but you sat there and you spit on me.”

Do you believe that Charles Bennett knocked out Wanderlei Silva back in 2005? Where do you stand on their recent hotel run-in? Sound off, PENN nation!

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