EXCLUSIVE | “Felony” Charles Bennett Gives His Thoughts Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz and Eddie Alvarez

By Tom Taylor - October 4, 2016

Late last month, MMA veteran “Felony” Charles Bennett burst back into the limelight with a seven-second KO of Minoru Kimura at a Rizin Fighting Federation show in Saitama, Japan. He also rekindled an old beef with Wanderlei Silva during his time in the country.

Felony Charles Bennett

In the wake of this headline-generating trip to Japan, the long-time fan favorite took time out of his busy schedule for an exclusive interview with BJPenn.com. During this interview, Bennett offered up his opinion on several of the UFC’s biggest stars.

wanderlei silva brawl

Of course, we had to get Bennett’s take on UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor.

Despite the fact that McGregor has broken multiple pay-per-view records, totally transformed the landscape in terms of fighter pay, and will soon attempt to make history as the first fighter in UFC history to hold two belts simultaneously, Bennett says he isn’t impressed by him. 

“He ain’t shit. Bennett said.”I’m a Diaz Fan, so you should know how I feel about him.”

Bennett also feels that he’s been the inspiration for much of McGregor’s persona.

“The UFC tries to [make] Conor ‘McGayor’ a replica of me, but he isn’t,” he said. “You know he does not possess the characteristics that I do.”

While Bennett is not a fan of McGregor, he is a big fan of McGregor’s biggest rival, Nate Diaz. Earlier this year, in the main event of UFC 196, Diaz shocked the world with a second round submission defeat of McGregor. A few months later, in the main event of August’s UFC 202, McGregor evened the score with his American rival, walking away with a hard-fought, and frequently debated majority decision win.

“I f**k with this n***a [Nate Diaz] hard.” Bennett said. “I feel like he was robbed in that last fight though.

UFC 202

Bennett also explained that he’s a fan of McGregor’s next opponent, UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez, who he became acquainted with during a brief stint at the Blackzilians’ gym in Florida.

“I like Eddie Alvarez,” he said. “I did a little training with Eddie when he was at Blackzilians. I was down there for a second, for a few days.”

“Shout out to my n***a Rashad Evans,” Bennett added, riffing on the time he spent at the Blackzilians’ gym, where Evans currently trains. 

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