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EXCLUSIVE: Louis Fisette’s TUF 18 Fighter Blog Week 1

Louis “Petit Pain” Fisette (6-1 MMA) is one of the youngest talents in MMA’s rich 135-pound division. The 23 year-old Canadian bantamweight is a contestant on this season of (TUF:18) The Ultimate Fighter: Tate vs. Rousey.

Here is what Louis had to say about Week 1 of his ‘TUF’ experience:

As the first episode starts, we see clips of our first ever TV interviews. You can clearly tell that the majority of us are not comfortable on camera. There’s really no surprise there. Put me in a dark room with a camera in my face and a ton of bright lights, let’s just say that it takes a little getting used to.

Doing the one-on-one interviews was definitely not easy. At first you’re worried about what to say and how to say it. Half of the time I was more worried about hacking up my words and I didn’t even realize what I was saying. I would get asked a question and just felt as if I had to answer right away. Once the first interview is out of the way and you realize you can take a break; you can take a second and think about your responses.

On the past few season of TUF, I’ve really enjoyed how they give viewers a behind the scenes look at the family in the hotel room. At first, I had no idea I was going to hang out with my dad that night, he surprised me at the door and I was somewhat speechless. As you could clearly see, neither of us were very comfortable on camera. I wasn’t sure what I could and couldn’t tell him. That left us with the awkward conversation that you saw during the premier.

My dad has played a huge part in my success, so I really do appreciate that he could make the trip to come watch me fight. Of course my whole family is proud of what I’ve done, but my dad has never been the “sentimental” kind of guy. I mean yea, I knew he was proud of me, but it wasn’t until his friends would tell me “oh yea, your dad was bragging about this the other day” that I started to realize that he is a proud father, but just doesn’t necessarily show it. When he found out he could come watch the elimination fight, he JUMPED on that chance! So having that quiet support there meant a ton to me. I promise you, when I stepped in that cage, all I heard was my dad cheering!

Come fight time I was feeling very confident (as per usual). Personally, I have to walk into that cage thinking I’m the best in the world! Clearly that wasn’t the case. Regardless, I was feeling good. I knew I was ready, and also knew this was the biggest fight of my life! Chris was a tough opponent and probably had some of the best jiu-jitsu out of the anyone in the cast. I refused to tap to his triangle, a few times it was really tight, but dang did I want that win. Unfortunately, he finished the arm triangle and that was that. Bittersweet ending to a long and hard voyage.

This will definitely not be the end for me, one day I will succeed, follow along and enjoy the journey with me! Life is too short to live in the past. Always moving onwards and upwards!

Be sure to catch episode 2 of TUF 18 next Wednesday on FOX Sports 1 and be sure to follow Louis Fisette’s weekly TUF Blog every Thursday on BJPenn.com

If you have any questions for Louis “Petit Pain” Fisette, you can contact him on twitter at @lfisetteMMA

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