Brian Maxwell eyes stoppage win over Chad Johnson to become an “instant superstar”

By Cole Shelton - June 3, 2021

Brian Maxwell never thought he would ever be boxing on a Floyd Mayweather undercard, or boxing former NFL star, Chad Johnson.

Brian Maxwell

On Sunday in Miami, Maxwell will have an exhibition boxing match against six-time NFL Pro Bowler in Chad Johnson aka Chad Ochocinco. The retired NFL star is now 43-years-old but has been training boxing for years and will finally take a fight and Maxwell never thought he would be his opponent.

“Man, I’m still in shock that they put my name in the hat for this fight. I don’t know how my name came about or who said what,” Maxwell said on Just Scrap Radio on “But, I got the call and I had to take the opportunity… I knew nothing about it until I was on Instagram and there was a post about him fighting. I didn’t think anything of it and then boom, here we are.”

After the fight became official, Maxwell immediately began trying to find training videos of Johnson to see how he moves. Although there is no fight tape to watch, Maxwell says he’s working on himself and preparing to face the best fighter ever.

“I’m preparing for him just like I would anybody else. We watched a little bit of film that we have seen and we’ve come up with two different game plans for whatever Chad Johnson that comes out,” Maxwell said. “Whether he comes out being the all-world athlete and tries to knock me out or he comes out wanting to move around and sticks his jab. I’m fully prepared as I’ve put in a lot of work and gone the extra mile to prepare for him and I’m ready for it. He will see the best version of me. In the people’s eyes if it goes four rounds we will know who won the fight.”

Although Maxwell has multiple fights in BKFC, boxing, and MMA, he believes the promotion wants Johnson to win. He is well aware that Johnson is the star, but he says he wants to shock the world and finish the former NFL superstar.

“I mean, honestly, I do think they want Johnson to win. But, at the same time, this is what I do. He’s also the hometown guy so I’ll be the underdog which is what I like,” Maxwell said. “This is what I do and this is not my first rodeo. It’s game time… I want to put him away. My confidence is at its highest. I have refound myself. This is not my coming out party, this is the reawakening of Brian Maxwell. This is special to me, this is my 12th professional fight. It’s super special to me.”

If Brian Maxwell does finish Johnson, although it won’t count on his pro record, he knows it will do a lot for his career. He knows he’d get massive fights in BKFC and MMA, so this fight is everything for the 33-year-old

“It’s super important. I’m ready to see what opportunities come after it. If I do knock him out or TKO him, I’m ready for whatever comes after. Once this happens and I get the stoppage, that will be instant superstar status for me. It will set up a lot of opportunities,” Maxwell concluded.

Who do you think will win, Brian Maxwell or Chad Johnson?

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