Brendan Loughnane makes it clear Bubba Jenkins won’t “stand” with him, confident he’ll become the PFL featherweight champion: “I’m a better mixed martial artist”

By Cole Shelton - November 22, 2022

Brendan Loughnane is ready to finally say he’s a world champion.

Brendan Loughnane

Loughnane is set to face Bubba Jenkins for the PFL’s featherweight title in the championship event at the Hulu Theater in New York on Friday. Loughnane defeated Chris Wade to get to the finals, while Jenkins beat Ryoji Kudo by submission.

“I was going back and forth in my head and he beat Ryoji very comfortably,” Loughnane said on Just Scrap Radio on “He’s a very worthy finalist. I was ready for either of them, so I didn’t care.”

Once it was set that he would be fighting Jenkins, Loughnane was excited about the matchup. He knows the American will shoot early and often but is excited to prove just how good his wrestling is.

“He’s not going to stand with me, I’m not under an illusion,” Loughnane said. “I’m always wrestling, I love wrestling, and I think I prefer wrestling more than striking right now, to be honest. I’m looking forward to a good ole wrestle with Bubba Jenkins.”

Once Brendan Loughnane stuffs Bubba Jenkins’ takedowns, he believes it will derail the American’s confidence. Then, on the feet, the Brit is confident he will take over and eventually get the stoppage win to become the PFL’s featherweight champion.

“I’m a better mixed martial artist and I will beat him in every area. I don’t think he can take me down and if he does, I will get back up in a second,” Loughnane explained. “I can potentially even take him down. Then, I have far superior boxing and my cardio is better. My chin is better, he has been knocked out before and has been submitted and he’s in there with a real dog and a guy that wants to win… Bubba has spent his life wrestling, I’ve spent my life fighting, that’s the difference.”

If Loughnane does get his hand raised and the belt wrapped around his waist, he says it will cement the fact that all the hard work was worth it.

“It’s great, I deserve it. 16 years of hard work, it’s time I get my accolades,” Loughnane concluded.

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