Austin Trout plans to be a champion in boxing and BKFC, vows to KO Diego Sanchez at KnuckleMania 3: “Shoutout to him for signing up to take this ass-whooping”

By Cole Shelton - February 14, 2023

Austin Trout surprised many when he signed with BKFC.

Austin Trout

Trout is the former WBA light middleweight champion and still a top-five contender and many expected him to try and get a title shot this year. The former champ has fought the likes of Canelo Alvarez and the Charlo twins, but he wanted to be more active so inked a deal with BKFC.

“You know I’ve been trying to be active as far as fighting,” Trout said on Just Scrap Radio on “It wasn’t just timing and opportunity but they are helping me keep active and I get to fight more and I like to fight. I haven’t been able to fight as much as I wanted and bare-knuckle, god willing as long as I’m healthy I’ll be able to do more.”

Once he signed with BKFC, he wasn’t sure who or when he would make his debut. But, he was offered Diego Sanchez who is a fellow New Mexico native and someone he knows a bit about.

“Yeah, I was surprised they got Diego but shoutout to him for signing up to take this ass-whooping,” Trout added. “New Mexico is going to win big time out of this one… Absolutely, he is a New Mexico legend in his own right. I’ve met him numerous times, but haven’t hung out with him. But, he was at my camp for the last fight I had before COVID it was when he was going through that situation with that weird cult trainer.”

Although Trout wanted to fight a fellow New Mexico native given KnuckleMania 3 is happening in Albuquerque, he was well aware of many worried about Sanchez’s health. However, Trout says both he and Sanchez went through intensive medical exams in order to get cleared to fight.

Once the fight was set, Trout began studying Sanchez and got confident in his skills. He not only expects to put on a clinic but he expects to KO Sanchez.

“I was all for the New Mexico’s OGs to fight and we jumped through hoops to get cleared to make sure he is able to fight. Nonetheless, he passed all the medical exams so we have a fight,” Trout said. “God willing we both walk away healthy and happy, maybe him not so happy but more so healthy… I’m going to knock his ass out. If he is too tough for his own good, I’m going to body him, meaning I will go to his body and save him the head trauma.”

If Trout gets the win over Sanchez, he hopes his next fight in BKFC will be for the belt. He says he wants to cement his legacy by being a champion in BKFC and boxing – and preferably at the same time.

“I also want to be the BKFC world champion. I don’t want to do anything half-assed, so yeah, I’m absolutely trying to make sure I’m champion in both BKFC and boxing,” Trout concluded.

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