After thinking MMA career was over due to eye tumor, Ramiz Brahimaj planning for a “war” against Max Griffin

By Cole Shelton - November 5, 2020

Ramiz Brahimaj didn’t know if he would fight again.

Ramiz Brahimaj

Back in June of 2019, Brahimaj was supposed to fight on the Contender Series against Miguel Baeza. However, during the medical screening, the UFC noticed Brahimaj had an eye tumor that pulled him from the fight and left him uncertain of his future in MMA.

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“It was an orbital tumor in my eye it was pretty unique, something I thought that wasn’t even there. I didn’t feel anything, usually, people have blurred vision or have headaches,” Brahimaj explained on Just Scrap Radio on “Fortunately for me, I didn’t feel anything until they told me that they found something in the MRI. I was a little heartbroken but here we are now.

“It was a sobering moment for me. Not only did it halt my UFC dreams but in general my MMA career I didn’t know what was going to happen,” he later added. “I didn’t know how I would see after the surgery, like would I have any weird side effects from the surgery? Just a lot of thoughts running through my head. Everything went smooth and according to plan, thank God. So, here we are now.”

Fortunately for Brahimaj, he was cleared to fight again and was expected to make his UFC debut in June. However, his cornerman tested positive for COVID-19 leaving Brahimaj to be pulled from the bout once again.

“When you get messed with so much, I threw my hands up in the air and chalked it up as a loss. I was like dude this sucks,” he explained. “As soon as that happened I had to drive from Las Vegas all the way to Dallas, Texas. I had a lot of driving and a lot of thinking to do. I was keeping myself in good spirits.”

Now, at UFC Vegas 13, Ramiz Brahimaj will finally make the walk to the Octagon against Max Griffin. For the Fortis MMA product, he was ecstatic to get Griffin as his opponent.

“My last two bookings against Baeza and Takashi I was super excited. I was excited to get in there and mix it up with these guys,” Brahimaj said. “That level of excitement just rose up a little bit more when I got Max Griffin. I knew this was a hell of a fight and it would be a tough test and something I am welcome with open arms. I’m super excited about it.”

Entering the scrap, Brahimaj is the betting underdog but isn’t paying much attention to that. Instead, he is focusing on the task at hand as he knows Griffin is a tough test but if he can get the fight to the ground, he should have a big advantage.

“I feel comfortable wherever the fight goes. If the fight goes to the ground, that is where I will excel, if we get into a straight striking match, I wouldn’t mind it at all,” Ramiz Brahimaj said. “If we get into a grappling match, I wouldn’t mind it. I’m prepared for a quick finish or a three-round war. The only expectation I have is it is going to be a war.”

Ultimately, Brahimaj is confident he will get his hand raised but won’t look past Max Griffin. He knows “Pain” is a very tough test and is expecting it to be a back-and-forth war for as long as it lasts.

“I don’t like to think too far ahead in the future as I have a tall task ahead of me. Wherever it takes me, I’m excited. If it is a debutant, I’m ready,” Brahimaj concluded. “If it is someone with 10-15 UFC fights, I’m ready. You just don’t know what to expect in this COVID era, I’m just keeping my mind open and my mind sharp.”

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