Dustin Poirier Wants to Know ‘Where the F-ck’ is Eddie Alvarez

By Justin Golightly - November 7, 2017

We’re finally catching our breath from the insanity of UFC 217, but UFC Norfolk is going to get the heart pumping at maximum levels this Saturday. It’s a sleeper card with a ton of good fights, all topped off with Dustin Poirier fighting Anthony Pettis in the main event. It’s a former champion going to battle with a challenger who inching closer to his shot. Poirier is pumped for the match-up, but would have preferred to finish what he and Eddie Alvarez started.

Eddie Alvarez Dustin Poirier

“My first original thought [when I heard I’d be fighting Anthony Pettis] was, ‘Where the f-ck is Eddie Alvarez?’. That’s what my first thought was, but then I said alright, this is a fun, exciting fight. This guy is another former world champion. What can I really be upset about? It’s a main event fight – we’re all eyes on us – against another world champion, and I’ll just show again what kind of caliber fighter I am. Right now [the door is closed for fighting Eddie Alvarez] because I’ve been training 12 weeks for Anthony Pettis, so that’s all I’m focused on right now.”

“After Nov. 11th, we’ll see what the future holds. But right now, it’s all about Anthony Pettis. […] This card is amazing, bro. I’ve been fighting a long time and I’ve been watching these guys that are on this card forever. Me as a fight fan, I’m excited about this card. They’re going to be some great fights on there, man. A lot of veterans. A lot of guys that have made a name for themselves and been around a long time, you know, showed who they really are. I appreciate fighters like that and fighting along side guys I love watching fight.” Dustin Poirier speaking to MMAjunkie Radio.

It was back at UFC 211 that a potential Fight of the Night was underway, before Eddie Alvarez hit Dustin Poirier with some illegal knees. Poirier was confident he was going to win the fight, which would propel him into the mix for a title fight sooner than later. Unfortunately, instead of running it back, Pettis got Pettis and Alvarez got Justin Gaethje. The great news is that the winner or losers of each other these fights can all fight each other. Regardless of what happens, we get awesome scraps.

Dustin Poirier

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 11/7/2017.


This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM


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