Cub Swanson sends The Korean SuperBoy a message following UFC 206 war

By Chris Taylor - December 11, 2016

UFC featherweight contenders Cub Swanson and Dooho Choi went to war on the main card of last night’s UFC 206 pay-per-view event in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Cub Swanson

The fight, which many fans and analysts are calling “Fight of the year”, went the distance with Swanson earning the unanimous decision victory (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) from the judges in attendance.

Following his epic scrap with Choi, Cub Swanson took to Twitter where he sent ‘The Korean SuperBoy’ a message. Check it out:

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Get the full play-by-play and highlights from last night’s UFC 206 Swanson vs. Choi matchup below.

Round one begins and Choi presses forward and lands a right. The fighters clinch and Choi lands a pair of knees inside. He grabs a hold of the neck of Swanson and lands two nice knees to Cub’s head. Swanson breaks and throws a kick. He lands a low kick. Choi chases after him and misses with a high kick. Cub responds with a right hand. Choi is pawing with a left jab. Cub cracks him with a counter left. Choi eats it. Swanson charges forward with a combination and then lands a low kick. He cracks Choi with an overhand right. Dooho moves forward and lands an uppercut. He grabs Cub and utilizes the clinch. Swanson with a good knee inside. Choi presses him against the cage and looks to score a trip. It does not work and Swanson switches the position and begins working some knees. They break and Swanson lands a right and then a leg kick. One minute remains. Swanson lands a hard leg kick. He follows that up with a right hand. Choi presses forward and lands a left jab. He is having trouble gauging Swanson here. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Choi lands a left hand. He goes upstairs with a high kick. Swanson charges forward with a combination. The fighters clinch and both work some solid body shots. Choi with a nice jab and then a left. Cub fires back with a right and then another and Choi is rocked. Dooho comes back with some big shots of his own. Wow! He rocks Swanson. Choi is on wobbly legs but firing off punches now. Cub is in all sorts of trouble. He survives and the fight hits the ground. Swanson immediately takes Choi’s back and looks for a choke. Choi scrambles free. Back on their feet and Swanson lands a cartwheel kick. This fight is crazy. Choi with a huge right hand. Cub with a left. He has Choi rocked but Dooho won’t go down. The fighters trade bombs to end round two.

Round three begins and they immediately start throwing bombs. They trade low kicks. Cub with another. Choi respond with a jab. Cub goes to the body with kick. Choi lands a nice right hand. Cub looks hurt. Another right from Choi. He drags Swanson to the floor but Cub sweeps him and winds up on top position. Choi scores a sweep and gets back to his feet. Cub is all over him with punches. he is dropping bombs on Choi. Swanson scores a hip toss. Choi bounces back up to his feet. Both men are willing to just bang it out here. Choi is eating the bigger shots. He is a bloody mess. Both men trade rights. Cub lands another and another. Choi is hurt. He drops from a spinning back fist. He rushes in with ground and pound but the horn sounds to end what is likely the greatest fight of the year.

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