Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone just wants to fight, and will likely take another Reebok fine

By Russell Ess - February 18, 2016

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone has a simple mentality with fighting in the UFC. “Cowboy” simply wants to fight. The UFC veteran who has his twentieth UFC fight on Feb. 21 at Pittsburgh’s CONSOL Energy Center at UFC Fight Night 83 will also set a new mark with 30 fights combined with the UFC and WEC promotions.

ufc lightweight weterweight

“I just want to fight,” Cerrone told ESPN. “I’ve tried to go up and take fights at 170 pounds before and [the UFC] always told me no. Now, they’re telling me yes, so I’m like, ‘Hell yeah.’

“[Fighting at 170] makes camp a little better. I don’t have to pick and choose what I eat. I don’t care though, I’ll fight at 155. Either one. I’ll go to 185 pounds, who cares? Just give me fights.”

Regarding his uproar from the fine he received from Reebok in his last fight against Rafael dos Anjos, Cerrone has changed his tune a bit, but is still lingering on if he will be repeating his uniform infraction.

“I need to go on record and say I’m not the victim,” Cerrone said. “I was fully aware I would be fined before the last fight. I knew the circumstances going in, I just didn’t know how much I was getting fined. Dana and I talked and came to some grounds that we’re going to stick to.

“There’s a pretty good chance I will [wear the patch on Sunday], yeah.”

Cerrone’s UFC Fight Night 83 match will be the fight of the “Cowboys” as Alex Oliveira who also shares the same nickname “Cowboy” will meet in Cerrone’s first fight at welterweight in the UFC.

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Donald Cowboy Cerrone