Dominick Cruz viciously stirs the pot of drama at ‘Team Alpha Fail’

Team Alpha Male

UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz has had a long time rivalry with Urijah Faber and he has been getting an absolute kick out of all the drama surrounding Faber’s camp at Team Alpha Male. A fall out between Faber and striking coach Duane Ludwig caused a rift between fighters with the former bantamweight champion Dillashaw leaving Team Alpha Male to join Ludwig at the Elevation Fight Team.

Cruz spoke with MMA Junkie on how he sees things looking from the outside at Team Alpha Male.

“I think it’s hilarious because you just see the true colors of everybody,” Cruz told MMAjunkie. “All you heard was how those guys wouldn’t fight each other, if you recall. And how close they were and how much of a brotherhood they had. They would never fight their friends, but now all it takes is one little thing to stray away from that in a heartbeat. There’s no loyalty in any of those gentlemen.”

Cruz says that all the guys there will ultimately choose to better their own lives if the opportunity presents itself.

“They’ll all write each other off in a heartbeat to get up on the other one,” Cruz said. “That’s just the truth because they proved it. If there’s a better situation these guys can move into for themselves, they’re going to take it. It has nothing to with friendship, it has nothing to do with loyalty, it has nothing to do with brotherhood – it has to do with what they need for themselves. I have no problem with that mindset if you just admit it, but the problem is these guys are trying to play this friendship game and they don’t want to fight each other because they’re ‘best buds.’ It’s just really stupid to me.

“To hear all that and that’s why they’ve never faced in each other in the octagon, and now they split up and are willing to face each other, it’s just stupid. It’s really, really dumb. It’s like a fraternity house and one fraternity changes to the other one and now they’re not cool anymore and there can only be one group that’s cool. It’s just silly, those guys are just a bunch of drama and they’re all in it for themselves. If they would just admit that then I probably wouldn’t have to say it, but I have to say it because they won’t say it.”

Cruz went on to say that the new group of younger guys at Team Alpha Male are showing up Faber, who is the leader of the team.

“Faber is more of a training partner slash buddy slash older brother to those guys, so it’s kind of a weird chemistry,” Cruz said. “He’s not really a head coach, and if they’re beating Faber up in the gym you don’t want that to be your coach because that guy is getting ready for a title shot next and you think you’re better than him, so why would you take advice from him?

“I think that’s kind of what happened with Benavidez and Palmer and T.J., they were beating Faber up in the gym and we’re like, ‘Why am I going to take advice from this guy who is calling himself my coach or my training partner when I could go to (Duane) Ludwig (in Colorado) and he’ll teach me something?’”

While nothing has been booked yet, a title fight rubber match between champion Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber has been rumbling from both sides. Is this the fight fans want to see? Let us know in the comments!

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