Dominick Cruz blasts “scumbag” Urijah Faber

Ahead of Dominick Cruz’s UFC 199 title defense against his nemesis, Urijah Faber, Cruz had some choice words for his rival.

After TJ Dillashaw left Team Alpha Male last year, things were understandably tense between Faber and Dillashaw given the fact that Faber was Dillashaw’s mentor at one point in time.

Things turned from bad to worse as things became ugly between the two men, with Faber going as far as to indirectly accuse Dillashaw of PED usage. That didn’t sit too well with Dominick Cruz, who blasted Faber during an appearance on The MMA Hour:

Faber is showing his true colors,” Cruz said. “He has no professionalism. No loyalty. Before he said anything about me, he attacked Dillashaw on The Herd show and tried to deny it and say he didn’t. But, it’s like he’s trying to destroy Dillashaw’s career, and this is somebody who is supposed to be his family, his best friend. They were brothers at one point. I mean, I’m not the biggest fan of Dillashaw. He’s got his own things. That’s needless to say, you can see in our last fight build-up that he’s not my favorite person either. But he does mentor kids in wrestling and he does do stuff, and his own best friend is accusing him of using PEDs. It’s like, what are you doing?

“That’s a scumbag move. That’s your ex-friend, all because he left your camp? I mean, that shows the true colors of Faber. When you’re attacking me, I can understand that because he wants to ruin my faith because we’re fighting. But when you’re attacking a friend because he left your camp, you’re just a scumbag. It’s a lack of character, and that’s something I haven’t liked about Faber since day one. We’re finally seeing the true colors of Faber come out when he makes accusations with absolutely no proof of anything and one of the best doping agencies on planet Earth.”

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