UFC 227 Results: Henry Cejudo defeats Demetrious Johnson (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - August 4, 2018

A flyweight title fight rematch featuring long time division champion Demetrious Johnson taking on former title challenger Henry Cejudo served as the co-headliner of tonight’s UFC 227 event in Los Angeles.

Henry Cejudo

“Mighty Mouse” entered tonight’s contest on a twelve fight win streak, his latest being a sensational armbar submission victory over Ray Borg at UFC 216.

Meanwhile, Henry Cejudo came in to tonight’s title bout on a two-fight win streak, his latest being a unanimous decision victory over Sergio Pettis.

The fight introductions are made and now it is time for the rematch.

Round one begins and Johnson starts things off with a low kick that lands flush. Cejudo takes the center of the cage. Mighty Mouse circles and lands a low kick. Henry returns fire with one of his own. Cejudo stumbles and appears to have injured his ankle. He retreats and it appears to roll again. This is not good. DJ with a low kick and then another. Cejudo moves forward now and Demetrious greets him with a jab. Cejudo appears to be recovered. Johnson with a head kick that lands. Cejudo appears to be ok and lands a kick to the body. Mighty Mouse attempts to return fire but misses. DJ leaps in with a combo. Henry lands a nice counter right hand. DJ circles out and then lands a low kick. Johnson leaps into the pocket with a jab. Henry retreats, side steps and then lands a low kick. Johnson immediately returns fire with a kick to the body. Cejudo is hunting with that right hand now. DJ picks up on it and keeps his distance. Cejudo with a kick and then a flurry. He lands a nice left hand. DJ scrambles off of the fence. He presses forward now and lands a low kick. Cejudo eats that and then fires off a right hand. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Cejudo shoots in and presses DJ up against the cage. Johnson defends the shot and eventually breaks free. Cejudo goes high with a kick but it is blocked. He follows that up with a jab and DJ returns fire with a right. The fighters clinch but DJ quickly breaks free. Cejudo with a nice right hand. Mighty Mouse just misses with a head kick. The fighters meet in the center of the cage and both men rattle off low kicks. Johnson leaps in with a left hand. Cejudo returns fire with a right. Both men are incredibly fast. Johnson fakes a shot and then lands a hard punch to the body of Cejudo. Henry circles and then lands a right hand. Johnson is utilizing a lot of movement. He lands a low kick but eats a counter right hand. Cejudo moves in and secures a takedown. He immediately passes to half guard. Cejudo with a left hand. DJ is doing a good job of defending here. Johnson attempts to scramble but he can’t get back to his feet. Cejudo with some knees to the shoulder of Johnson. That is a legal strike. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and DJ lands a low kick. Johnson with a shot to the body of Cejudo. He swarms in with a flurry. Cejudo ducks and runs free. Johnson is applying a ton of pressure now. Cejudo shoots in and lands another takedown. Mighty Mouse scrambles free but gives up his neck. Henry with a standing guillotine attempt but it is not there. The fighters clinch against the cage and exchange knees. Johnson breaks free and lands a low kick. He leaps in with a combination that lands. Cejudo also landed a counter punch in that exchange. Henry is moving forward now. He lands a left jab. DJ replies with a low kick. Henry with a double jab. He continues to press the action now. DJ is circling along the cage. Cejudo with a nice combination. DJ replies with a beautiful counter left. Henry eats that and moves back into the pocket. DJ with a hard low kick. Cejudo leaps in with a left. He grabs the clinch and drags Mighty Mouse to the floor. DJ scrambles and is right back up to his feet. That was beautiful. Cejudo has a cut over his right eye. DJ lands a hard kick to the body. Henry shoots in but cannot keep DJ on the canvas. A leg kick from Henry finishes round three.

Round four begins and Johnson quickly fires off a low kick. He lands another. Henry comes forward now with a jab. DJ ducks under and rips the body. Mighty Mouse with another low kick. He lands a big right hand now. This is not looking good for Cejudo. Henry shoots in. He can’t get DJ down but he lands a right hand and then a big knee. Johnson did not like that. Henry continues to press forward but DJ is just chopping him down with low kicks. Cejudo shoots in and grabs a leg. He throws DJ’s leg upwards and then dives on his other limb and takes the fight to the ground. Cejudo is working from half guard. He lands a left to the body. DJ s scrambling now. Cejudo with an elbow. He has Johnson’s head locked up. Henry moves to full guard. He continues to keep pressure on Johnson. He lands a big shot to the body. He switches to left hands. The horn sounds to end round four. This could be 2-2 headed into round five.

Round five begins and DJ fires off a low kick. He lands another. The crowd is chanting Henry. DJ with another low kick. Both men fire off kicks. Cejudo is looking for a way inside. DJ continues to pepper him with low kicks. Henry with a low kick now. Johnson circles and then lands a big body kick. Cejudo with a nice strike inside. That caught DJ’s attention. Henry with a low kick now. DJ goes to the body with a kick. Henry with all the pressure here. Johnson catches him with a counter left. Cejudo shoots in and gets on the back of Johnson. He is trying desperately to drag him down, Henry with some knees to the thigh of the champ. Cejudo with a knee. DJ switches the position. Henry shoots in and takes him to the floor. DJ immediately scrambles back to his feet but eats a left hand. Johnson lands a head kick. Thirty seconds left. The fighters clinch and exchange knees. A big flurry now from Cejudo he lands a pair of knees and then a left. The horn sounds to end round five.

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