Daniel Cormier on Jon Jones’ situation: ‘It’s a death sentence’

By Russell Ess - September 14, 2017

Daniel Cormier has been reinstated as the UFC light heavyweight champion and Jon Jones can no longer be found on the latest official UFC rankings.

Jon Jones

All of this comes as a result of Jones’ B sample coming out with the same results as his A sample from after the UFC 214 weigh-ins, which was a positive test result for the anabolic steroid Turinabol. Jones, however, is still due the appropriate adjudication of his case with USADA.

Daniel Cormier Jon Jones

Cormier broke the news that UFC President Dana White told him he was being reinstated as the champion and that he was going to get the belt back Wednesday on UFC Tonight. Cormier, who has been very careful not to lay any judgment on Jones prior to the B sample results coming out could not hold his judgement any longer and threw accusations at his rival.

“I think it’s crazy. It’s one of the craziest things and USADA is being very straight line, saying ‘due process,’ but the reality is, you can’t fail a drug test,” said Cormier. “You can pass 100 tests, but you can’t fail one. They’re saying we have to wait for the due process, but what are we waiting for? They tested the A sample, they tested the B sample. If there’s anything, you cannot test positive for performance enhancing drugs. You just can’t do it. It’s unfair. I’m very upset about it.”

Cormier continued saying that Jones has to continue to contest his results as this could very well be the end for him.

Jon Jones Daniel Cormier

“You said that he’s going to fight this and he has to,” Cormier told co-host Kenny Florian. “This is a death sentence. If this does what it says it can be, it’s a death sentence. You’re right. This is a very expensive drug. Something that’s not easily found in a supplement. I’ve been in the USADA program for 12 years, I’ve never had these issues. If it was a mistake, you’ve got to be more careful, especially with all the scrutiny that was on him coming back from a suspension. You’ve got to be cautious and careful to expect people to understand. Any more is just ridiculous.”

After explaining that he would get the belt back, Cormier had a statement for Jon Jones.

“You don’t cheat the sport. You don’t cheat the fans. You don’t cheat me. You have all the physical advantages, sir. You’re 30 years old. You’re 6’4”. You got 85-inch reach. I’m 38 years old. I would love to take stuff and wake up every morning and not have to walk down my stairs sideways and just get back to training. It’s an unfortunate situation. We had one of the biggest fights of the year and once again, this guy has made a mockery of the sport.”

on 9/14/2017.

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Daniel Cormier Jon Jones