Daniel Cormier isn’t displaying his UFC titles at home – in fact he almost threw them out

By Tom Taylor - September 19, 2017

Daniel Cormier was not happy when he was knocked out by Jon Jones at UFC 214. This was immediately clear, as he shed tears in his ill-advised post-fight interview with Octagon commentator Joe Rogan.

Daniel Cormier

While sadness and disappointment were the first emotions to course through Cormier’s body after this loss, these emotions eventually gave way to anger. Speaking on the latest edition of The MMA Hour, Cormier explained that his anger was so severe that he nearly threw his UFC titles in the garbage.

“I was pissed off, man,” he said (h/t Dave Doyle of MMAFighting.com). “I just couldn’t believe that that happened. You don’t understand me, you know? It’s like this thing, I guess it’s like a wrestling thing, you get so mad, you don’t think about the the emotion and reaction, and then you regret it later. I would have regretted throwing those away. My wife wouldn’t let me.”

Luckily, Cormier’s titles only went into the closet, not the trash.

Since then Jones’ knockout win has been overturned due to a failed drug test, and Cormier has been reinstated as the UFC light heavyweight champion. Despite this headline-dominating turn of events, however, Cormier says he’s still not quite ready to drag his titles out of the closet and put them back on display.

“I had a fight party last week to watch Luke [Rockhold] and ‘Canelo’ fights and I have this movie room in my house,” Cormier said. “I have a whole bunch of pictures and fight stuff and memories and stuff of my fights and all my championships. And when everyone came over, they saw my Strikeforce title, and King of the Cage, and XMMA and they were like ‘hey, where are your UFC championships?’”

“I still haven’t put those back up,” Cormier continued. “I tried to throw them away but my wife wouldn’t let me. So I just put them away in my closet. I’m still not at the point now where I can take all these belts out and face them every day.”

Do you think it’s time Daniel Cormier dusted off his belts and put ’em back on the mantle?

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 9/19/2017.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM


Daniel Cormier