Lorenzo Fertitta & Dana White address latest UFC sale rumors

Frank Fertitta, Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta

Lately the rumors of the UFC’s potential sale have heated up, with reports indicating that the UFC was sold for upwards of $4 billion.

While the UFC brass had maintained silence in the media regarding the latest rumors, UFC President Dana White, and UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta decided it was time to put the rumors to bed.

The pair spoke to the L.A. Times ahead of UFC 200 to discuss the situation, with Fertitta saying:

“If we bring on an investor or something happens, we’ll let everyone know. I’ve never been more bullish on the business. I still have massive love for the sport. I never said I was walking away. What’s happening — this is standard. Any company, this size and magnitude, you don’t talk about things you’re working on in strategical terms. So there’s nothing to report.”

UFC President Dana White, went on to say:

“I’m in Bangor, Maine [recently], and people are yelling at me, ‘Congratulations!’ I’m looking at my family, saying, ‘Most of the free world thinks me and the Fertittas don’t own the UFC anymore.’ It’s unbelievable. We own the UFC. We did not sell the UFC. We own it.”

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