Dana White on Donald Cerrone and the MMAAA: The guy is going to make $1.3 million from fighting this year

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With the five famous fighters that were a part of the Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Association announcement last week, UFC President Dana White has said that “fighters can go out and do what they want to do — they are all grown men.” However, White did state that he was surprised to see Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone as one of the five fighters standing as a part of the association, especially after White helped him out with a legal situation where White paid for Cerrone’s attorney out of his own pocket.

White was a guest on Tim & Sid on Sportsnet and commented on Cerrone’s involvement with the MMAAA and the conversation that he had with Cerrone following the announcement of the association.

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“Cerrone apologized to me for going up there; [he said] ‘I didn’t know about it, I didn’t know that guy was involved, I didn’t know enough,'” said White (transcribed by newstalk.com)

“I was saying about Cowboy, and he doesn’t disagree: He’s never won a title in the WEC or the UFC, he’s headlined three events in his whole career,” White continued. “The guy is going to make $1.3 million from fighting this year, and that doesn’t include his sponsorship, which could put him anywhere from $1.6 million to $1.7 or $1.8 million. I don’t know what the number is, that’s his business not mine, but how much money do you think you should be making Cowboy?”

White stated that “Cowboy” never personally complained about pay during the MMAAA media conference call, but did say he wanted health insurance and a retirement deal.


“We have a health insurance plan now for the fighters,” White said. “If anything happens in the octagon, they’re fully covered […] but outside now we have a deal for training, because a lot of guys get hurt in training. Is it the greatest policy ever? No. But let me tell you something, don’t ever be mistaken on why insurance companies are in business – to make money.”

White then went on to question fighter’s own financial planning and spending habits.

“When we talk about post-fight,” White continued, “Cerrone and all the other fighters, you’re making a million something [dollars] this year, that is your retirement. You can’t live off the sponsorship money and throw a million in the bank? And do that for the next couple of years and hopefully invest the money wisely? That’s all of our situations, we’re all in that same situation.”

What are your thoughts on Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone’s pay? Do you think a fighter such as Cerrone, who as Dana White continues to remind everyone, has never won a title in the WEC or UFC be making more or less money? Does White’s point about financial planning make sense for the situation? Sound off in the comment section!