Cris Cyborg thinks UFC wants rematch with Holly Holm, will fight with Amanda Nunes after

Cris Cyborg

Everyone has their eyes on a big super fight these days it seems. And UFC women’s featherweight champion, Cris Cyborg is no different.

Cyborg is unbeaten in the UFC(5-0) and has racked up two title defenses since officially becoming the champion in July 2017 when she defeated Invicta FC bantamweight champion, Tonya Evinger.

Although the champion, Cyborg has been calling for a super fight with her fellow countrywoman, the UFC bantamweight queen, Amanda Nunes, Cyborg is expecting to take another fight prior to that happening and she thinks it will be the winner of Holly Holm vs Megan Anderson which takes place next Saturday at UFC 225 in Chicago, Illinois.

However, after the recent flip-flopping the UFC has done with it’s fights for UFC 225 going from prelims to the main card, Cyborg believes that the UFC is trying to set her up for a rematch with Holm she said on the MMA Hour.

“After my fight against Holly Holm, I asked for Amanda. I told the UFC I would like to fight Amanda in July because I was adopting my niece and I need time for her, and it was going to be perfect time in July. Between this, the UFC called me and asked me to fight at UFC 222 on short notice. And I said can you do Amanda and they say the could not get Amanda for UFC 222, And I said okay, maybe I can fight at UFC 222 but I still want to fight in July with Amanda. And they said, ‘Okay, Cris, the fight is going to happen.’

I said okay if Amanda is going to fight in July, and fights now in Brazil and gets hurt, how is she going to fight me in July? You guys can put me against Megan Anderson. That fight, if Amanda is hurt, I can fight Megan Anderson. I want to fight July, you guys promised me fight in July. And they say, ‘No, no she’s not going to be hurt, she’s going to be okay.’

They said for me, Megan Anderson is not going to have her visa ready for July. And after, three days later, I learn they’re going to fight Holly Holm and Megan Anderson. For my July, if someone is going to get hurt, she cannot fight me. I’m thinking she’s going to fight Amanda in July, this is already my plan, and now she has injury after her fight, the commission give her like six months.

I don’t want to wait. I want to fight and I think this fight Megan Anderson and Holly, they’re already making plans for me and Holly rematch. Because they just took [Alistair] Overeem off the pay-per-view, put him on the preliminaries, and they put Megan Anderson and Holly, the first fight on the PPV with Megan. And I think Dana White wants to get prepared for me and Holly to have a rematch. I’m not going to wait for Amanda from her injury, I’d like to fight who’s going to win the next fight of Holly and Megan, and then it can be the last fight on my contract with Amanda. She can take all the time she needs.”

Cyborg defeated Holm via unanimous decision in December at UFC 219. Holm was the first fighter to take Cyborg the distance in MMA in nine years. Despite that, the fight wasn’t all that competitive so who knows how likely a rematch would be assuming Holm were to defeat the top featherweight and former Invicta FC champion, Anderson.


This article first appeared on on 5/28/2018.

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