Pro Wrestler The Miz Wants Conor McGregor in the WWE

Conor McGregor

Win or lose, Conor McGregor can probably do whatever he wants after he boxes Floyd Mayweather. He always has a home making money for the UFC. If he doesn’t lose too terribly to Mayweather, he can even box Paul Malignaggi. He even could step into a different type of ring and take up pro wrestling. Ronda Rousey didn’t earn any WWE championships, but she did get to execute a judo throw on Triple H while sharing the ring with The Rock. If she wanted to though, she could have probably taken over the pro wrestling world. Current WWE Intercontinental champion, The Miz thinks that McGregor has that type of potential as well.

“I love the hype. Huge fan of hype. McGregor can talk the talk, he can walk the walk. But I think he’s going to come up a little short going up against Mayweather. Oh my God, he’d be great [in the WWE]. He’s a mouth, so absolutely. Why not? Sure [I’d wrestle McGregor]. All day. Knock him out in one punch.”

“There’s no one better at defense than Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. Granted, how hard McGregor punches, but if you can’t land them then what’s going to happen? I’m going to go with Mayweather on that one, even with his age. It’s one of those things where you look at it and go, the guy knows his stuff. He knows how to duck, dodge, and he knows how to win. He’s never lost. So, you think Conor McGregor’s going to be his first lost? I don’t think so.” — The Miz speaking to TMZ Sports.

Just like MMA, Conor McGregor hasn’t made many friends in the pro wrestling world, except maybe the promoters. He basically called out the entire WWE locker room a couple of years ago, so he wouldn’t exactly be short on opponents. The irony here is that Floyd Mayweather beat him to it, he was in a weird hybrid-type wrestling match with The Big Show that none of us can ever forget.

This article first appeared on on 8/22/2017.

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