Sparring partner praises Conor McGregor and his boxing abilities

By bjpenndotcom - July 1, 2017

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor is currently gearing up for his highly anticipated showdown with Floyd Mayweather on August 26th, where the Irish superstar will look to shock the world and hand Mayweather his first professional loss.

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Ahead of the fight, many question whether or not Conor McGregor has the ability to catch Mayweather, arguably the most defensive fighter of this era, given that he has no professional boxing experience. With that being said, McGregor’s sparring partner, Irish amateur boxing champion Tiernan Bradley, praised McGregor as a boxer in an interview with MMAFighting, saying:

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“Conor is a very good boxer,” Bradley said. He doesn’t move like any other boxer. He’s powerful, fast and light on his feet … He’s very good at getting in and out and connecting. He’s so quick on his feet it’s very hard to judge the distance with him.”

“He’s so fast and unpredictable — that’s a very dangerous combination. I don’t think Mayweather has ever boxed anyone like that.”

“It’s very different to any style I’ve seen over the years. He has this strange style and he can keep going at a serious pace for 12 rounds. He’s on his toes and he’s constantly keeping you guessing.”

“My biggest takeaway from the rounds was the pace that we fought at and that he seemed unbreakable. I found it very hard to figure him out.”

That unpredictability, and lack of a traditional single-minded boxing style could of course play to McGregor’s advantage when the two meet in the ring on August 26th.

In addition, Bradley revealed that McGregor has incredible punching power, even with 16oz gloves, and actually lifted him off his feet with a right uppercut that was featured in McGregor’s recent Instagram post, which you can see below.

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