Renzo Gracie: ‘We need ten Conor McGregors for this business’

By Russell Ess - March 17, 2016

Renzo Gracie is very happy for Nate Diaz getting the biggest win of his career over one of the biggest stars in the UFC, Conor McGregor.

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Renzo’s cousin Cesar Gracie is the longtime trainer of the Diaz brothers and Renzo recently spoke about them on MMA Noise.

“They represent the hardcore of jiu-jitsu,” Renzo said. “The way it was taught to me, they learn it. They don’t take no insults. No insult will be without retaliation. They were raised the right way, good kids.

“It is extremely well-deserved. It is such a great sport and you can see that once they fell in love with and they stick with it, jiu-jitsu gave back to them. You know, and I am extremely glad that it happened to good people. It’s great representatives of our sport.”

Renzo also had great things to say about Nate’s opponent at UFC 196.

“Conor is unbelievable,” Renzo said enthusiastically. “We need ten Conor McGregors for this business.

“The reality is, he brought in so much attention, he made the sport grow so much you know? And, he made people who never watch it before, join the scene and enjoy the sport. Definitely, I want Conor McGregor to be fighting for the next 20 years.”

What would the world of mixed martial arts look like if there were numerous draws such as Conor McGregor? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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