Former UFC fighter Matt Mitrione talks about a big factor that led him to sign with Bellator MMA

By Russell Ess - March 17, 2016

Former UFC veteran heavyweight Matt Mitrione announced earlier this week that he left the UFC to sign with Bellator MMA. The former NFL football player and season 10 member of “The Ultimate Fighter” recently spoke with the Three Amigos on his big career decision (transcribed by Bloody Elbow):

“I was brought here for my fighting style and my ratings/my draw. I want to fight against somebody that really wants to fight; not necessarily go toe-to-toe. I don’t care if we grapple, I don’t care — whatever it is — but I want there to be an action-filled fight, and whoever they deem appropriate — ‘Look, this guy’s a stand-and-banger, he’s a hell of a grappler, and he’s got hands on him,’ [then] awesome.”

With Bellator President Scott Coker working with RIZIN, Fedor Emelianenko could be a potential opponent for Mitrione at some point and he says that played a big part of his decision to sign with the promotion.

“It absolutely did,” Mitrione said. “And I would be honored and would love to have the opportunity to fight Fedor. If Fedor were to say my name out loud, I would fight him in a heartbeat.”

“I have too much respect for Fedor to call him out,” Mitrione said. “If Fedor knows who I am and can even halfway decently pronounce my name, and he wants to get down, then he can tell his people, and as long as he says my name out loud one time, I’ll happily do my best to punch him in his face.”

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