Full transcript of Conor McGregor’s instructions from his corner for fight against Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205

By Russell Ess - November 16, 2016

History was made on Saturday at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

Conor McGregor, John Kavanagh

UFC superstar Conor McGregor achieved his goal of becoming the first fighter in UFC history to hold two UFC weight class titles at the same time after securing a win in a brilliant performance against Eddie Alvarez that ended by TKO in the second round.

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In the masterful performance of “The Notorious,” his corner including long-time head coach John Kavanagh, Owen Roddy and Dillon Danis were there shouting instructions as the fight played out.

Reddit user londonpups initially laid out a transcription for the corners of both McGregor and Alvarez and Pundit Arena followed up with their take.

Here is what we were able to gather from the audio as it was obviously a bit hard to hear at times with the noise of the crowd in attendance.

Round 1

Dillon Danis: Patience, Conor, patience.

[McGregor drops Alvarez and attacks on the ground. Alvarez gets back to his feet.]

Owen Roddy: Be patient. Get him to throw Conor! Get him to throw!

John Kavanagh: Body!

Danis: Patience, Conor, patience.

Roddy: Lead left, lead uppercut.

[Alvarez attempts a takedown and they end up in the clinch for a moment]

Kavanagh: Disengage!

Danis: Beautiful Conor. Patience.

Kavanagh: Body as well.

Danis: Nice Conor.

Roddy: Left to the body. There you go.

Danis: Beautiful!

[McGregor drops Alvarez again with a left hand and attacks on the ground]

Danis: Hips low! Hips low, Conor. Beautiful position.

Kavanagh: Watch that left leg Conor! Single leg. He’s coming up on a single leg! Be ready to sprawl! Use your hips Conor.

Danis: Control the feel. Control the leg to pass, Conor. Nice.

[Alvarez gets back up to his feet]

Kavanagh: Relax. Relax.

Roddy: Body. Left hook.

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Danis: You are doing beautiful, Conor. Beautiful job.

Kavanagh: Teep!

Roddy: Jab, hook, hook. Jab, hook, hook.

Danis: He’s broken, Conor…He’s broken. Patience.

Roddy: Left straight is there. Left straight there.

Kavanagh: Left body kick!

Roddy: Left straight.

Round 1 ends

Kavanagh: Here you go. Bring the beats down. Ice please [To a cornerman]. Nice deep breath. How do you feel?

Conor McGregor: I feel good

Kavanagh: Great shots. Keep the left hand on the counter. Don’t lean in with the left hand. He’s looking to counter with the big right hand, yeah? So pop that jab, the teeps to the body are great. You’re cutting him off. If you feel he’s circling into the left high kick, that’s there too. Okay? So let’s keep that left hand for the counter. Very nice. Nice deep breaths. That’s a warm-up round.

[Referee John McCarthy to Conor]
John McCarthy: Great job, just make sure the fingers don’t go to his eyes but great job.

Kavanagh: Here we go. Pressure, pressure, pressure.

Round 2 begins

Danis: He’s biting on the feints. You’ve felt his shots already. Nothing. Nice.

[McGregor lands another stiff left]

Roddy: Take your time!

Danis: Conor, he’s broken. Believe Conor Believe! You felt his best shots now.

Roddy: Jab is there.

Danis: Okay stay calm Conor.

Roddy: Jab is there as well.

Danis: He’s doing the same shot over and over.

[McGregor drops Alvarez again but gets up and pushes the McGregor into the fence]

Roddy: Take your time!

Danis: Position.

Kavanagh: Chin. That’s it. Wrist or chin. Beautiful!

Danis: Wrist in. Overhook. Elbows, Conor. Keep that wrist. Beautiful positioning. Keep pulling that overhook, he can’t shoot with that.

Kavanagh: Very nice, Conor.

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Danis: Nice. Elbow now.

Kavanagh: Great wrist control.

Danis: You’ve been there a million times, Conor. A million times. He’s broken, Conor. He’s broken.

[McGregor lands a crisp four-punch combination and drops Alvarez and follows up with a few strikes to his opponent on the ground. Referee John McCarthy calls an end to the fight]

Kavanagh: YES! Conor! YES! YES! Yes! Two-time world champion!

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