Eddie Alvarez rips Conor McGregor for past opponents

By bjpenndotcom - November 4, 2016

While Conor McGregor currently reigns as the UFC featherweight champion, and is coming off a major win over Nate Diaz at UFC 202 to avenge the only loss of his UFC career, his UFC 205 opponent, UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez, believes that McGregor hasn’t fought any big-name fighters.

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He spoke on the UFC 205 conference call.

“The guys he’s picked to fight; these are subpar guys,” Alvarez said. “Even Nate (Diaz) is a .500 lightweight and everybody in the lightweight division has beat Nate and he had trouble doing that. The guys that he’s faced are nothing of the caliber of fighter that I am.”

“He’s fought a bunch of chumps. If I had the resume he had, if they gave me that resume, if I was that lucky to get them opponents, the same sh-t would happen, if not worse. Styles make matchups. When you pick the style you want to fight, then sh-t, you get mismatched, you can knock everyone out.”

“I can go to the supermarket right now and punch a guy in the mouth and look like a superhero,” Alvarez continued. “But when you fight the best guys in the world, the true best guys in the world, it’s going to be tough. The fight’s going to be tough. Sh-t’s gonna change. You’re not gonna look as good.”

Since entering the UFC in 2013, McGregor has gone on a tear, going 7-1, and finishing all but two of the wins via TKO. Included in his resume of his wins, are Jose Aldo, who McGregor defeated in just 13 seconds to claim the featherweight championship, as well as longtime featherweight top contender Chad Mendes, who McGregor TKOd at UFC 189.

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Despite that, Alvarez believes McGregor will realize when they step in the cage that he is unlike any other opponent he has faced:

“He will see the night of the fight that ‘sh-t, I’ve been going up against sh-tty opponents that were good style matchups and this one is not and I’m f—-d, cause he’s stronger, just as fast and he’s got skill sets that can dominate me any day of the week’. That’s the reality he’s got to deal with.”

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