Conor McGregor Has a Clothing Line Dropping in January

Conor McGregor

When Conor McGregor sashayed noodle-armed into the first presser with Floyd Mayweather in a suit that was pinstriped with expletives, McGregor knew a lot of people would want their own. That’s why he partnered with creator David August to make it available. Granted not everyone could own it, between the $6.5K price tag and the limited availability, a lot of would-be fashion statements never got to walk the streets. That’s why Conor McGregor and August have teamed up to release their own clothing line that’s slightly more affordable.

“Fashion is something that I am truly passionate about, and I am excited to share exactly that with my fans by giving them a chance to share my iconic looks. David and I have worked together for more than a few years, and I am proud of the brand and signature styles we have created. We casually chatted about doing a line together but we finally got serious over the past several months. I know the public will love what lies ahead.” – Conor McGregor in an official David August Inc. press release.

Conor McGregor

According to the press release, the line will have at least 10 different looks to choose from with suits ranging from $500–$1,200. All specifically designed to replicate McGregor’s “sartorial” style. If you want to get a sneak peak of things as they happen, you can follow their official Instagram or just go through McGregor’s. Do you remember seeing the different pairs of paisley pants McGregor wore during the build up to the Mayweather fight? Expect those to be apart of the clothing line. This combined with his new whiskey venture makes it hard to figure out just how many ways Conor McGregor has found to make money.

August McGregor’s Spring /Summer 2018 collection will be available at and in some high-end department stores as early as January 2018.

Conor McGregor

This article first appeared on on 8/30/2017.


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