New Contest Sends You to Mayweather vs. McGregor on Conor’s Private Jet

Conor McGregor

Maybe things aren’t going your way in life right now. You’ve been pacing back and forth, knowing you’ll never pay the hefty pay-per-view price to watch Conor McGregor box Floyd Mayweather. The hard truth is that, if you’re not a celebrity or extremely lucky, there’s no way in hell you’d be able to go to the fight itself. You might as well save for a house than try and buy tickets. The good news is, you don’t have to worry. Any average Joe now has a chance to fly in style to the biggest fight in the history of our tiny world thanks to this contest.

Conor Mcgregor

No need in breaking out the calculators to find out how much this package is worth. As the Mastercard commercials all say, it’s priceless. Imagine just being on Conor McGregor’s private jet. The two lucky winners could make a killing alone just by making a video blog of their experiences on Air Champ Champ. You’ll be so close to McGregor, that you could probably steal a pair of his Gucci socks. Hell, he may even give a pair to you.

You’re probably screaming at you screen right now, asking how one can participate for a chance at such a bounty of riches. Dude, all you have to do is sign up for Betsafe’s site and place your bet on Mayweather vs. McGregor and answer a question they message you. Simple as that. You could probably do it all in, let’s say, “turteen” seconds.

This article first appeared on on 8/11/2017.

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