Conor McGregor warns fans on approaching him while holding his son

By bjpenndotcom - February 16, 2017

In just three months, UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor’s girlfriend Dee Devlin will give birth to their firstborn child. With that being said, the champ has been very open about his concerns with bringing a child into his often hectic life as a global superstar.

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Following his UFC 205 win over Eddie Alvarez, where McGregor picked up a 2nd round TKO win to claim the UFC lightweight championship, the champ revealed that his girlfriend was pregnant, and would be giving birth to their son in May. McGregor explained why he would be taking time away from the Octagon, and why he was worried about how fame would play a role in fatherhood, saying:

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“I’m crapping me jocks, I’m not going to lie, I don’t even know what way to take it, it’s just messing with me head because I don’t want to be bringing a child into anything like this, I don’t even know, I don’t want any celebrity type shit, I hate all that, I don’t want my family to be like that. That’s a little thing in the back of me head. So I want to just have this baby, take a little bit of time, and see what way I feel after that.”

Shortly after, a video surfaced of a fan approaching McGregor’s car, and the lightweight champ smacking his hand away on camera as the man apologizes for the situation.

Now, in a new interview with GQ, Conor McGregor warns fans in regards to approaching him for a picture while he is holding his newborn son, saying:

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“If someone comes near me when I have my kid in my hands, like the way they come near me now, looking for pictures, someone’s gonna be badly hurt.”

Let this be an advanced warning against approaching McGregor while he is holding his son.

on 2/15/2017.

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