Colby Covington ready to drop his sweaty you know what on Demian Maia’s face

By Russell Ess - October 27, 2017

Rising UFC welterweight Colby Covington is a short time away from getting the chance to establish himself as one of the top contenders at 170 pounds. Covington, who is currently ranked the no. 7 welterweight by the UFC takes on no. 3 ranked Demian Maia this weekend at UFC Fight Night 118 in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the co-main event of the evening.

Colby Covington

Speaking on The MMA Hour this week, Covington brought the trash talk, as usual, in regards to his matchup against the Brazilian.

Demian Maia Colby Convington

“I know that he only wanted to sign the dotted line to fight me if it was in his backyard, where he could have the judges and the crowd on his side,” Covington said from his hotel room in Sao Paulo (transcribed by Shaun Al-Shatti for MMA Fighting). “But it’s OK, I’m willing to come to this dump and fight him.

“The A.C. is not working here, man. I’m sweating my nuts off out here in the Amazon, but it’s OK, they’ll be extra sweaty for Demian Maia when I drop them on his face on Saturday night.”

“Chaos” went on to stress how Sao Paulo isn’t the nicest place he’s been to, which will surely get a reaction from the locals if they catch wind of his words.

“I don’t think the locals are going to like me anyway once I beat dad-bod Maia,” Covington said. “So, at the end of the day, it is what it is. Sao Paulo is a dump, that’s a known fact. They f*cked up bringing me down here. I’m a problem. I’m sending their hero to hell. Sh*t, he may thank me. Hell is probably an upgrade from this place. Did I mention this place is a dump yet?”

Colby Covington

While Dana White has said that the winner of the Robbie Lawler vs Rafael dos Anjos fight will get the next shot at the title, Covington believes that after his performance against Maia, he will change the UFC President’s decision.

“I’m just thinking about destroying Demian Maia and sending him to the retirement home,” Covington said. “Luckily we’re in Sao Paulo, Brazil, so it won’t be too far for him to get stretchered off to. But I don’t think I have to perform — I just have to do what I always do, and that’s win. I’m a winner. I’m a proven winner, look at my track record. So I think when I finish Demian Maia, there will be no (more) clear evidence (needed) that I am the champ and I will get the next title shot.”

on 10/27/2017.