Randy Orton on Possible UFC Fight: I’d Fake Punch the Guy and Get Choked Out

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Today, there is a pretty significant history of high-profile professional wrestlers making the jump to the UFC.

The most successful pro wrestler to do so was Brock Lesnar, who not only won fights in the UFC, but claimed the organization’s heavyweight title. The most recent pro wrestler to make the jump was former WWE champ CM Punk, who debuted at UFC 203 last Saturday, where he was mugged by 24-year-old prospect Mickey Gall.

Then, of course, there are the pro wrestling stars who fought in MMA bouts outside the UFC. Dave Bautista, for example, fought once under the CES MMA banner, mauling Vince Lucero in the first round. Bobby Lashley, meanwhile, has established himself as one of the top heavyweights on the Bellator MMA roster.

Now that there’s such an established precedent for pro wrestlers testing themselves in the mixed martial arts arena, we’re bound to see even more of these entertainment-athletes make the switch from wrestling ring to MMA cage. Not all wrestlers, however, are interested in making the switch.

On Tuesday, WWE star Randy Orton was asked by a fan on Twitter if he’d consider competing in the UFC. His answer was a pretty concrete “no.”

When Orton refers to making money, over and over, and not once every six months, he’s referring to the fact that pro wrestlers tend to compete more frequently than mixed martial artists. The rest of his tweet, of course, is pretty easy to interpret. Orton doesn’t want to fight in the UFC because he’s not confident that he’d win. In fact, he seems pretty certain he’d lose.

While CM Punk’s confidence heading into his UFC debut was certainly inspiring, Orton’s realistic – and hilarious – take on a possible UFC fight is pretty refreshing.

Are there any current pro wrestling stars you’d like to see in the UFC? Or did Punk’s recent loss convince you that wrestlers have no business in the Octagon? Sound off, PENN nation!

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