Dave Bautista is extremely anti-Reebok, ‘fu*kreebok’

By Russell Ess - February 2, 2016

It looks like some fighters and fans are not the only ones to get really pissed off about the Reebok deal set with the UFC. Wrestling superstar Dave Bautista seems to be extremely perturbed with the corporate athletic wear company’s fighter pay structure and deal with the UFC.

Bautista tweeted “Anyone who buys that goofy UFC @Reebok shit is endorsing the fighters getting fucked out of their sponsorships. Just a thought #fuckreebok” on Saturday when the UFC on FOX 18 event was on.

A fan replied to his tweet saying “random.”

Bautista then explained himself saying, “@DrSprigs actually it’s not.I’m watching the fights and I’m tired of seeing all these Reebok commercials, knowing the fighters got screwed.”

Another fan replied to Bautista’s initial tweet saying “@DaveBautista actually, most fighters wouldn’t have a deal like this without @Reebok They make more now than before. #UFC.” She also tweeted a link to an article about Ronda Rousey being content with the Reebok deal.


Another fan came to side with Bautista and said “@iam_courtneyyy @DaveBautista that literally tells nothing.. Conor and Ronda have exclusive deals. Their are 500 fighters on the roster.” Bautista added “@brandoncooklin thank you! It’s not about the guys on top. It’s about the fighters who have to take side jobs just to feed their families.”

To put things into perspective for the UFC on FOX 18 event, veterans Josh Barnett and Ben Rothwell were paid $5,000 each. Top light heavyweight fighters Anthony Johnson and Ryan Bader were paid $15,000 each.

It seems like the famed wrestling superstar and now Hollywood actor has not forgotten what it was like to have to hustle to make ends meet. What do you think of Dave Bautista lashing out against the Reebok movement? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


Dave Bautista