UFC 200 Results: Brock Lesnar defeats Mark Hunt

Brock Lesnar weigh-ins

In the co-main event of tonight’s UFC 200 event in Las Vegas former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar (6-3 MMA) took on former title challenger Mark Hunt (12-11-1 MMA).

Round one begins and Hunt takes the center of the octagon. Brock is circling trying to find a way inside on Hunt. Mark has his right hand ready to fire. Lesnar with a leg kick. Brock misses with a huge right hand. He lands a nice outside leg kick. Lesnar shoots in and gets double under hooks. Lesnar sends Hunt to the floor. Mark quickly bounces back to his feet. Brock has him pressed against the cage. Hunt with some short shots. Brock lands a takedown and moves to side control. Hunt is landing some shot from the bottom. Mark scrambles but gives up his back. Shots from the top by Lesnar. He lands a huge knee to the body. Big shots from the top. Hunt scrambles back up to his feet. Lesnar slams him back down. He moves to mount. Brock is unable to land any big shots from the position as the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and the fighters touch gloves in a show of respect. Lesnar misses with a jab. Hunt is walking him down. He is looking for the over hand right. He throws the punch but it is blocked by Lesnar. Brock misses with a jab. Hunt continues to push the pace. He partially lands a left hand. Brock shoots in but Hunt stuffs the attempt. Lesnar appears to be slowing down. He is circling but seems very defensive. Hunt is pressing forward. He misses with a big right. Lesnar shoots for a takedown but it is not there. Brock misses with a right hand. Hunt with a left hand to the body. Mark narrowly misses with an uppercut. He throws a right hand. Brock paws with a jab. He shoots in for a takedown but Hunt is able to defend against the fence. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Brock lands a jab to start. Hunt comes forward with a combination. Lesnar shoots in and lands a big takedown. He needed that. He moves to mount and begins landing some big shots. Hunt is in trouble. These short shots are doing damage. Three minutes remain. Brock is almost in full mount but Hunt is able to scramble back to half guard. Brock lands some big shots from the top. He moves to full mount. Brock is looking for an arm triangle. He switches to ground and pound. These are big shots. Lesnar is battering him from the top. Excellent shots from Lesnar. Hunt gets back to half guard. Body head combo from Lesnar. Hunt is surviving at this point. The horn sounds.

Lesnar defeats Hunt via decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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