VIDEOS | Chuck Liddell Beats Up Jukka From the Dudesons And Tells What It’s Like to Get KO’d

“Daniel Cormier – Jon Jones fight… A good fight. Cormier got knocked out pretty good. And they interviewed him afterwards.

Coaches, don’t let him do that, number one. Number two, people are always talking about him crying in the ring and a lot of different things that were said. Hey, let me tell you something, if you haven’t been knocked out, you don’t remember being knocked out. You don’t remember before you were knocked out. There’s football players that have got knocked out during a game, played the rest of the game, and didn’t remember where they parked their car earlier. So, ya know, it’s one of those things.

You get knocked out, you lose gaps of time. You wake up and think you’re still fighting. I can’t tell you how it feels.”

‘The Iceman’ has cometh back! At least…that’s what it looks like as reported by’s own Chris Taylor.

Chuck Liddell is an MMA legend, icon and just one of the very best fighters of all time. When you picture the MMA fighter, it’s pretty hard not to picture Chuck Liddell.

Unfortunately for the Iceman, he speaks from experience when it comes to knowing what it’s like to get knocked out as he retired in 2010 after three straight brutal losses. Now at age forty-eight, the San Luis Obispo native looks to be giving things another go after eight years away…but this time in the Bellator cage.

Obviously, Chuck has to get ready to return somehow, and what better way than by starting off with landing some shots on one Finland’s most famous stunt dummies?

Liddell was hanging out with the Dudesons’ Jukka Hilden recently to film a video of Jukka receiving a leg kick, a body shot and two punches to the head. Yes, if you are unfamiliar with the Dudesons they are in fact a little insane. This is actually one of their more tame stunts… Check it out below.


This article first appeared on on 3/9/2018

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