Chuck Liddell’s long-time coach feels Tito Ortiz trilogy fight is like “f***ing a fat chick again”

Chuck Liddell

By this point, you’ve surely heard the news. 48-year-old former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell is making a comeback.

Liddell’s controversial comeback, which follows an eight-year retirement, is expected to occur in Oscar De La Hoya’s new MMA promotion. Liddell’s opponent in this comeback fight is expected to be an MMA legend of a similar vintage, Tito Ortiz.

Liddell, of course, has bested Ortiz twice before, and emphatically so, winning both fights with punches. Given the one-sided nature of this rivalry, Liddell’s long-time coach John Hackleman isn’t exactly excited about seeing them fight a third time.

Hackleman explained why he feels this way with a…well… interesting choice of metaphor.

“It’s like fucking a fat chick again,” Hackleman said Monday on the MMA Hour (transcribed by Adam Guillen Jr. for MMAMania). “You don’t want to do it in public again. You had to do it because times were hard or you were forced to do if for whatever reason. You don’t want to keep doing it.”

“I respect Tito, for a lot of reasons, but Chuck beat him twice already, he stopped him twice. And that is all that I mean by that analogy. I’m not putting Tito down at all. Tito is a pioneer and a stud. He will fight anyone, anytime, he’s done shit in the UFC that, you know, I think he is a great fighter.”

Interestingly, it’s not just Ortiz that Hackleman doesn’t want to see Liddell fight. The long-time coach doesn’t want to see Liddell fight period. But that’s apparently true of all his charges.

“I don’t like it, at all,” Hackleman said. “In fact, I don’t like any of my fighters to fight. I wish they were all just training at my gym and were having fun.”

“So, I don’t want him to fight anymore. But with that said, if he does, and he really has to do it in his heart, then I’m behind him 100%.”

What do you think of John Hackleman’s take on a potential Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz trilogy fight?

This article first appeared on on 5/22/2018.

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