Chael Sonnen would “love to kick Georges’ a**”

By bjpenndotcom - May 24, 2016

While Chael Sonnen has remained adamant in regards to his retirement from the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, many believe that Sonnen will return to the Octagon once his suspension is up in July of 2016. Given when his suspension will be up, many believe that Sonnen could be making his return to MMA at UFC 200 on July 9th.

Chael Sonnen

While he has shot down rumors of his return to the Octagon, Sonnen spoke on The MMA Hour to discuss his desire to kick Georges St-Pierre’s ass:

“I would love to kick Georges’ ass,” Sonnen said. “I’ll tell you this. This is a true story. I got a call one day and it was from Kenny Florian, and he says ‘hey, you want to work out?’ I was in LA and I said yeah, and he goes, ‘okay, well Georges is in town. Do you want to work out with Georges?’ And I said yeah. So we go to this gym.

“We went hard. I think I could’ve gone harder, but we went hard, and I came in second. And it drove me nuts, man. It drove me nuts. But I really think I could’ve done better. It was close. It was fine. If you ask him, he might try to put me over. I’m not trying to put him over right now, I’m just telling you what happened. He won that go, but I could’ve done better with him, and it’s driven me nuts ever since. I thought, man, I could’ve gotten that guy. I could’ve done better.

“He knew he got the best of me,” Sonnen continued. “So at the end of the workout, he tried to pay me a compliment. He goes, ‘thanks for not using your size; if you would’ve used your size, you really could’ve crushed me,’ which was really his way of saying, ‘hey man, I just beat you.’ And I knew what he meant, and I knew it was meant to be a nice thing. It stuck with me, man. This is a workout that was years ago and it stuck with me.”

“Everyone would watch that,” Sonnen said. “… I’m not trying to hype a fight with Georges here. I’m just saying. But yes, as far as a fight, if you’re just looking at what could sell tickets, yeah man. I mean, these guys (current UFC fighters) are doing a good job right now, but they’re really not. I’m being nice, man. These guys are terrible. It’s so hard. It’s so hard sometimes. Like, what do you want to do here? You guys, you’re just terrible.”

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Chael Sonnen