AUDIO | Chael Sonnen: Who is more stupid? Floyd Mayweather or a box of rocks?

By Russell Ess - March 9, 2017

The always entertaining Chael Sonnen brings it again, this time talking about boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and the potential boxing match with UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor.

Chael Sonnen discusses Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor

Speaking on his latest You’re Welcome podcast, Sonnen questioned Mayweather recently telling McGregor to “sign the paper” so they could get the fight underway. Sonnen was bewildered as to what the “paper” actually was and if it even existed.

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“Floyd Mayweather just sent out a message, I think it was on social media, it might have been a tweet,” Sonnen said. “He tells Conor McGregor, ‘Sign the paper.’ Here’s the first question. Is there a paper? Floyd Mayweather not for nothing, but he is a dummy. I mean, if you took a box of rocks versus Floyd Mayweather, it would be a toss up on which is more stupid. And, is there actually a paper to sign?”

Sonnen went on to say that if there is some sort of real contract that all McGregor has to do is sign, show it as he could easily get television coverage to show proof of the talked about contract.

“Floyd, if you’ve got so much stroke and you got so much money and you got this big promotion going, then come out,” Sonnen said. “You can get airtime on SportsCenter today with one phone call. So, why don’t you go on and show us your cards? Hold up the goddamn contract. Show us what venue you got booked. Let us know what ticket company you’re doing business with. Show us the contract that all Conor has to do is sign.”

Floyd Mayweather

What are your thoughts on Chael Sonnen dissecting Floyd Mayweather’s demands of having Conor McGregor sign a contract that may or may not exist? Let’s hear what is going on in your head. Leave a comment!

This article first appeared on 3/9/2017.

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