Joe Lauzon roasts Nik Lentz for recent BJ Penn comments: he “smoked you in the gym”

By Tom Taylor - July 5, 2017

Shortly after BJ Penn came up short to Dennis Siver in late June, he was attacked on social media by an undeniably classless Nik Lentz. While Penn chose not to engage Lentz on this one, his good friend Joe Lauzon couldn’t let Lentz’s comments slide.

Joe Lauzon

Replying to Lentz on Reddit over the weekend, Lauzon absolutely brutalized Lentz with a fiery comment that challenged the lightweight’s legacy, and reminded him that Penn whooped him during their brief stint training together.

See Lauzon’s reply to Lentz below:

“Nik, your post should have been linked in /r/IAmVerySmart. You knew you were trolling and trying to get a rise and when you did and people thought you were an idiot, you tried to double down with this post. Just stop and go back to the /r/theDonald and stay there.

As far as all the BJ hate goes, it’s stupid. It makes you look dumb to keep harping on it. BJ is absolutely a legend in the sport. Time catches up to us all, and maybe BJ’s time is up… but trying to pile it onto someone that has been way more successful than you and almost everyone else to ever compete in the UFC is foolish. I keep my mouth shut after losing a fight… and I think you should have done the same thing after your last performance.

You keep saying you want to fight BJ but why have I never read about what happened when you went out there last time? Dolce brought you out and you got absolutely smashed in training and then booked an immediate flight home. Much safer to write shitty poetry about the guy that smoked you in the gym than to actually fight him. Just stop.

Would you like to see Joe Lauzon and Nik Lentz settle this in the cage?

This article first appeared on on 7/4/2017.


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