QUICK TWITT: Stephan Bonnar Admits To WWE Style Promo To Hype Fight With Tito Ortiz

By BJPENN.COM News - September 7, 2014

At Bellator 123, multiple time steroid abuser, Stephan Bonnar along with a masked man, who was later revealed to be Tito Ortiz’ former coach Justin McCully took to the Bellator cage to confront Tito Ortiz in a match of words. After trading verbal shots, McCully took off his mask, and revealed his identity. Ortiz took the mic and said some heated words back to Bonnar, before shoving The American Psycho.

Many fans have speculated that the entire thing was staged, however there has been no proof.

Stephan Bonnar took to Twitter to explain his side of it.

If u wanna hate us 4 pulling a pro wrestling esque promo off while calling tito out on the BS he’s pulled on people over the years..Then by all means, go buy yourself some punishment gear, a front row ticket, and be sure to bring a rain coat, cuz things r gonna get bloody

His partner in crime Justin McCully explained that Bonnar wrote the speech, while he planned to come out in a mask.

He wrote on his official Facebook:

“Clarification time – I planned the mask/s, Bonnar wrote the speech, Tito had no clue what to say and attacked. Period! I love it when a plan comes together…”

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