Patricio Pitbull trashes Tapology for ranking him 21st at featherweight: “You’re awful”

By Adam D Martin - March 18, 2021

Two-division Bellator champion Patricio Pitbull trashed Tapology for ranking him as the 21st-best featherweight in the sport.

Patricio Freire, Bellator, Josh Thomson

Tapology is one of the top resources in the world of mixed martial arts. The website has an incredible record-keeping system in MMA and is generally regarded as the top MMA database going right now. However, Pitbull has a bone to pick with them about the site’s ranking systems. Tapology has its own rankings system where it ranks the best fighters in the world by division regardless of promotion. It’s worth noting that registered users submit their rankings, so it’s not Tapology itself that is doing the rankings, but MMA fans.

In Bellator, Pitbull is the No. 1 ranked featherweight. But according to the Tapology rankings, Pitbull is just 21st in the world, and he’s not happy about that. Despite being one of the best 145lbs fighters in the world for the past decade, Pitbull is ranked below fighters such as Hakeem Dawodu, Cub Swanson, and Ryan Hall. Those are all quality fighters, for sure, but you can see why Pitbull is so upset that he’s ranked behind all of these guys.

Speaking to LowKickMMA, Pitbull trashed Tapology for its rankings system, suggesting that he has no business being ranked so low.

“That’s a big pile of sh*t. Michael Chandler is the 6th or 5th lightweight in the world right now, in UFC. And I beat him in sixty seconds. I have the record of title defences in Bellator. And you’re saying there are eighteen better guys in the featherweight division than me? That’s why most of these rankings I don’t give a sh*t about them. They’re bad, they’re awful. And shouldn’t be considered at all,” Pitbull said.

As far as Pitbull goes, the fact he’s in Bellator and not fighting in the UFC, instead, is the reason he’s so low in the rankings. As far as the Brazilian goes, he’s experiencing the same issue that the great Fedor Emelianenko did, where some fans didn’t believe he was as good as the UFC fighters were because he wasn’t fighting in the Octagon.

“I don’t know because the rankings in MMA, they’re very political. You know, they favour one single promotion. And at the end of the day, some of the greatest end up forgotten. Like we have Fedor, just because he never fought for the UFC, many people don’t know who he was. And he’s one of the greatest of all time. He’s definitely the greatest heavyweight of all time. But even before he lost, he was already dropping in the rankings,” Pitbull said.

Where would you rank Patricio Pitbull in the world featherweight rankings?

UPDATE: Pitbull’s manager Matheus Aquino clarified Pitbull’s comments from the interview.

UPDATE 2: Tapology manager Steven Kelliher added the following response.