Jan Blachowicz knows he is better everywhere than Glover Teixeira, eyes heavyweight move after two or three more title defenses

Jan Blachowicz

Jan Blachowicz knows his next opponent will be Glover Teixeira.

After Blachowicz beat Israel Adesanya at UFC 259 to defend his belt for the first time, he knew that Teixeira would be his next opponent. Blachowicz knows the Brazilian deserves the next title shot based on the strength of his five straight wins in the UFC, but when the two rivals do meet, the champ is confident he will be better everywhere than Teixeira.

“He has good boxing but he uses it to get close to you and takes you down. In this fight, I will be the guy who wants to fight standing and he will try and take me down,” Blachowicz said on Just Scrap Radio on BJPENN.com. “My jiu-jitsu is good, even better than what he has so if he tries to take me down it is not going to be easy to submit me. He will have to be careful, maybe I try and take him down. In every part of the game, I am better.”

Although Jan Blachowicz already knows his next title defense will be against Teixeira, he isn’t sure when it will be. The goal originally was to return in November or December after spending time with his newborn. However, Blachowicz knows once he stops celebrating his last win, the itch to return will start to happen.

“At this moment, after half a year I will come back to the Octagon,” Blachowicz said. “You know, maybe after two weeks when I stop celebrating, maybe I will want to come earlier.”

If Blachowicz beats Teixeira this year, he believes he will only have another fight or two before he moves up to heavyweight. The goal would be to get an immediate title shot and try and become a champ-champ. Yet, he says he would be fine working his way up the heavyweight ranks.

“Two maybe three more title defenses. We will see,” Blachowicz concluded. “Maybe the UFC gives me a good offer, maybe it is earlier. If there was going to be an opportunity to get an immediate title shot, it would be the best for me. But, I would work my way up but this is in the future.”

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