Lashley Open To Teammate Match Against King Mo

By Chris Taylor - October 12, 2015

Champion wrestler and mixed martial arts heavyweight contender Bobby Lashley (13-2 MMA) recently talked about the differences between his two current professions.

During the interview, “The Dominator” took a jab at teammate “King Mo”, who he says has been ducking him:

“I think so man,”
Lashley responded when asked if Mo Lawal had been ducking him in the wrestling ring. “Every time Mo comes around he plays that buddy buddy thing and then he throws in those little cheap shots. And it is so subtle that I don’t really hear it. Like today I was like ‘Hey man we’re going to have a match, a pro wrestling match’. And he’s like ‘yeah, yeah ok.’ Then he’s like ‘Yeah I will squash you.’ And I was like ‘whoa’. Like he throws those little subtle hints in there. I’m trying to figure out whether or not he’s believing what he is saying, which if it’s Mo he probly believes what he says. But, we will see if he does it. But if he does it I think it will be a good match. Me and Mo going out there and mixing it up, getting in a little rough style hard core match.”

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