King Mo Upset At Bellator Over Bias Promotion Of Rampage Jackson

By BJPENN.COM News - May 20, 2014

“To be real with you. Viacom has been cool. Viacom are my people. Spike TV have been cool. But Bellator, they haven’t been that cool. Look how they promoted me. Look at everything Bjorn said in the promotion.

“‘Rampage is God. Rampage, man, he could blow and make things fall down. Rampage is a black superman. No one can beat Rampage. Rampage this, Rampage that.’ He’s like a cheerleader. And he just kind of downplayed me. Everything in the lead up to this fight, he never said one thing positive about me. Everything positive was about Rampage, and then he was like, ‘oh yeah, we have Mo right here.’ So I felt disrespected a little bit.”

“You know what, at first I was trying to be cool. I was listening to my music. But then, I’m going to be real with you, when someone asked him ‘do you agree with the judges’ and he said ‘yes’… man, the n-word in me was about to come out and just put some hands on him.

“I had to think about different things because I was like, this dude is just out there bulls—ing. … After the fight, I looked over at him, he looked like he was distraught.

“And then after the judges gave the fight to Quinton, I looked at him and saw him kind of like do a fist-pump type of thing, clap his hands a little bit. I was like… this dude. That’s when I was like, ‘gimme the microphone.'”

“I’ll give him the rematch. Because really, I should be giving him the rematch because I won that fight. He came up and asked me for the rematch. ‘We’ve got to do this again.’ He came up and asked me for it, so I’ll give him it.

“But I just want to get paid and treated with respect. And if Bellator can’t do it, maybe someone else will.”

Bellator 120 headliner, ‘King Mo’ explained his post-fight antics on today’s edition of ‘The MMA Hour’.

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