Chael Sonnen claims he once ‘fought Georges St-Pierre in a basement in LA’

Chael Sonnen

At Bellator 208, Chael Sonnen was taking on arguably the best heavyweight in MMA history, Fedor Emelianenko. Ultimately, Emelianenko’s power proved to be too much for the former middleweight and natural light heavyweight. Emelianenko dropped Sonnen multiple times during the fight and got the TKO win in the first round.

However, even with this loss to Emelianenko, Sonnen can take pride in having fought the best of the best throughout his career. He competed in title fights against the arguable middleweight GOAT in Anderson Silva, and the consensus light heavyweight GOAT in Jon Jones.

Chael Sonnen has shown he is willing to go to any weight class at any time to fight the best of the best. Given this fact, he believes he is the pound-for-pound best regardless of titles or record.

“I appreciate the opportunity to try different weight classes,” Sonnen said at the Bellator 208 post-fight press conference. “They always want to talk about who the pound-for-pound great is, but there is nobody with the balls to go into different weight classes. There is no question who the pound-for-pound best is, there is only one guy willing to do it in a sport full of chickens.”

While Sonnen has mixed it up with three of MMA’s GOATs, he’s never had the chance to fight Georges St-Pierre, another frontrunner in the GOAT debate. Not in a public, sanctioned setting at least.

“I also fought Georges St-Pierre in a basement in LA one time,” he said. “So you should at that to the list.”

As for who won, Sonnen was quick to answer that one.

“Georges, Georges.”

Even with losses to Emelianenko, Jones, Silva and apparently St-Pierre, Sonnen has proven himself as a legend.

Do you believe Chael Sonnen actually fought Georges St-Pierre in an LA basement?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 10/14/2018.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM