VIDEO | Artem Lobov Was Invited to the Kremlin to Train Russian Special Forces

Artem Lobov

Artem Lobov has been busy since his last fight at UFC Gdansk. In addition to running around with jet-setting teammate Conor McGreogor, The Russian Hammer recently made his birthright proud. He was invited to the Kremlin to teach some moves to members of the Federal Protective Service at one of the most top secret bases in Moscow. Of course, he gladly obliged and enjoyed every minute of the rare honor. Sitting down with RT, Artem Lobov opened up about his experience and gave a lot of respect to the members of the special forces.

“I was absolutely honored to be invited into Kremlin. It has been a dream of mine ever since I was a kid to visit it and of course I never even dreamt to be invited to train special forces. So I was very excited, and I enjoyed every second of it. The guys were really well trained. This wasn’t just a regular type of guys. This wasn’t beginners. This was trained professionals. So, I always enjoy it a lot more when I get to coach people that understand what fighting is. Absolutely, [they could make it in mixed martial arts]. I do think so. The main thing in fighting is not just skills. Skills can be learned. It’s the heart. And these guys are ready to give their life for their country. So they would be great fighters, no doubt in my mind. If they would invite me [again], I would be absolutely honored and I would be there in a heartbeat.”Artem Lobov speaking to RT.

As far as his own combative measures go, Artem Lobov is coming off two back-to-back decision losses against very game opponents Cub Swanson and Andre Fili. While he debated if he wanted to continue with the UFC, he also said in the interview that he is eyeing a return at UFC London. Could he get Vladimir Putin to come and watch his fight cageside? That would be something else. Until then, we’ll be waiting on The Hammer to drop once again.

This article first appeared on on 12/21/2017. 

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