Alexander Gustafsson stands by recent comments about Jon Jones: I told the truth

Alexander Gustafsson

In the wake of his impressive knockout win over Glover Teixeira, Alexander Gustafsson shared some rather heavy-handed comments about former light heavyweight champion and one-time opponent Jon Jones, suggesting that given his many indiscretions outside the cage, Jones is probably not a good person. This then prompted a response on Twitter from Jones, which in turn influenced Gustafsson to fire back.

On Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour, Gustafsson discussed this back-and-forth with Jones, and assured he stands by his comments, as he was simply telling the truth.

“I stand by it,” he said. “They had a press conference after the fight [with Teixeira], and they asked me about Jon Jones, and I just told them the way I feel. I told the truth. I’m not a trash talker. I don’t do that shit. But they asked me, and I’m not gonna lie. He’s probably the greatest fighter we’ve seen, but as a person, I don’t like him, I don’t like how he’s talking on the stage, doing the cocaine thing. So many young kids are looking up to him, and I just felt like, man, come on. I don’t support that stuff at all. I don’t support that stuff at all. I just told the media what I think of him.” 

“He’s been getting caught for everything,” Gustafsson continued. “It feels like it’s just one thing after another. But what we were seeing on the stage with [Daniel Cormier]… he just said he did cocaine the week before he fought him. He’s not even embarrassed of that stuff, he’s proud of that stuff. And to me, you don’t do that – not being such a good fighter. Nobody’s really been able to compete with him. He’s been the pound-for-pound best. I believe he is. He hasn’t lost yet, to anybody. So, that’s just how I feel.” 

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This article first appeared on on 6/5/2017.

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