Cedric Doumbe puts blame on Marc Goddard for odd PFL Europe loss: “He didn’t want to listen to me!”

By Josh Evanoff - March 12, 2024

PFL star Cedric Doumbe feels that his loss to Baissangour Chamsoudinov was thanks to Marc Goddard.

Cedric Doumbe, PFL

Late last week, the former Glory Kickboxing champion returned to the PFL cage. Last September, Cedric Doumbe fought in the Donn Davis-led promotion, in a heavily-hyped debut. There, the welterweight faced fellow unbeaten prospect Jordan Zebo, knocking him out in nine seconds.

The debut shocked many, including soccer star Kylian Mbappe who was in attendance. Unfortunately, Cedric Doumbe was unable to re-create that magic in his second PFL bout against Baissangour Chamsoudinov. Instead of cheers to end the night, it ended with French fans showering the fighters with boos.

In the main event of PFL Europe 1, Cedric Doumbe suffered a third-round TKO loss. However, this wasn’t a normal stoppage. The fight itself was extremely close heading into the third and final round. Just over a minute in, referee Marc Goddard waved off the contest, after protests from both Doumbe and Chamsoudinov.

The undefeated prospect immediately protested the stoppage, confused about his loss. Post-fight, Doumbe explained that he got a piece of glass stuck in his toe, and wanted a second to remove it. As he explained on The MMA Hour, Marc Goddard refused to listen to him and called the bout off anyway. Seeing as how he didn’t track the glass in the cage to begin with, he’s confused as to why he was handed a loss.


Cedric Doumbe

Cedric Doumbe slams Marc Goddard following PFL Europe 1 loss

“Thank god I have witnesses. Everybody saw that I didn’t lose the fight. Everybody saw that I didn’t even stop the fight. I wanted to fight, I was fighting. I don’t understand Marc Goddard,” Cedric Doumbe said. “At first, I tried to remove it by myself with the other foot… I waved my hand and talked to the referee. I said, ‘I have something under my foot.’ I didn’t know how to say splinter… I was like, ‘Okay, he doesn’t want to understand, he doesn’t even want to listen,’ so I kept going.” (h/t MMA News)

He continued, “I look at him [Chamsoudinov] and he saw there was something wrong. He told me, ‘What’s wrong?’ I say, ‘I have a splinter,’ in French… He said, ‘Just remove it,’ and then he talked to the referee. He say something like, ‘Let him remove the thing.’ … Then I stopped also and then he stopped the fight. I was shocked. I said, ‘You told me I cannot stop the fight. I kept going, kept fighting. The second time, I didn’t stop the fight, Baki talked to you and then you stopped me!’ … He didn’t want to listen to me.”

“…A splinter is something outside of the fight, you know?” Cedric Doumbe concluded. “… Something wrong inside the cage… that’s not normal. You have to stop the fight, remove the thing, and then let the fight continue. He said that he didn’t know what was happening. I agree, because he didn’t listen to me, that’s why! … I don’t want to be that guy, but I feel like maybe he doesn’t like me, or something like that.”

What do you make of these comments from Cedric Doumbe? Did you watch PFL Europe 1 last week?