Wife of Ben Askren responds after Jake Paul calls Amy Askren “thicc”

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The wife of former UFC star-turned-boxer Ben Askren responded after his upcoming boxing opponent Jake Paul called Amy Askren “thicc.”

Askren takes on Paul in a highly-anticipated boxing match on April 17 for the Triller app. It’s Askren’s first professional boxing match, while for Paul it’s his third fight following two knockout wins over AnEsonGib and Nate Robinson. As one would expect, both Askren and Paul have already begun their trash talk in the lead-up to the fight, and now things are getting personal. In the days after the fight was announced, Paul made lewd comments about Ben’s wife Amy, calling her “thicc.”

Taking to social media after hearing what Paul said to her, Amy reacted to the comments that the YouTuber-turned-boxer made about her when asked by Ben.

Amy Askren: I am not like you…
Ben Askren: How does it feel being an internet celebrity?
Amy Askren: I mean… I don’t know.
Ben Askren: What about, uh, you know, thicc? I guess that’s a term the kids use. What do you think about that term? Is it a compliment, or is it offensive? 
Amy Askren: I’m not sure. I don’t know what it means. It has two c’s.
Ben Askren: Anything else you want to tell your new fans?
Amy Askren: Tell your moms to follow me, because they’ll probably stick around after all this is over.

Since Paul’s comments, Amy Askren’s Instagram following has skyrocketed into the 16,000 range. Based on her reaction to Paul’s comments, it doesn’t sound like she was too upset by them. Askren himself wasn’t perturbed, either, telling Paul that he agreed that his wife is attractive. It seems as if Paul is going to try and get under the Askrens’ skin, he’s going to have to come up with some more original material.

How excited are you for the upcoming boxing match between Ben Askren and Jake Paul?

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