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Tito Ortiz says his political career is over ahead of Anderson Silva boxing match

Former UFC champion Tito Ortiz says his political career is over ahead of his matchup this weekend against Anderson Silva in a boxing match.

Ortiz was the mayor pro tem of his native Huntington Beach, California, but he resigned in June after six months on the job for several reasons including perceived “character assassination.” Not long after Ortiz resigned from his position as mayor pro tem, he was booked for his boxing match this Saturday night against fellow former UFC fighter Silva.

Ahead of his boxing match with Silva, Ortiz confirmed that he’s done with politics.

“One-hundred percent my political is over. I’m too honest. I’m too much of an honest man and I have to look in the mirror at night and tell my kids the things I believe in and I can’t tell them one thing and do another,” Ortiz said (h/t MMAjunkie.com). “I’m not here to scratch somebody’s back just so they can scratch mine. I’m here to do the right thing and live in America with freedom and pride and integrity that we have in this country.”

Diving into the reasons he decided to leave the world of politics, Ortiz continued to throw shade at California governor Gavin Newsom.

“It was just disgusting,” Ortiz said. “I can’t believe I brought myself to that level. I tried to help Huntington beach and just try to focus on the future of my children. I lived in Huntington Beach all my life and this was the first time I thought about selling my house and moving to Florida just because of the politics there are disgusting. What Gavin Newsom is doing to our state is just embarrassing. When they recall him in September I’ll be very happy.”

Do you think Tito Ortiz made the right decision walking away from his political career?

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