Ryan Garcia threatens to sue New York commission over mental evaluation request for Devin Haney bout

By Josh Evanoff - March 19, 2024

The professional boxing match between Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney continues to be in jeopardy.

Ryan Garcia

‘KingRy’ and ‘The Dream’ are currently slated to meet in a 12-round professional boxing match on April 20th. The two will headline a DAZN-promoted event, going down from New York City. For Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney, the stars will get the chance to rekindle a rivalry dating all the way back to the amateurs.

The two fought six times before the pros, splitting the series at three victories apiece. However, it seems increasingly less and less likely that Ryan Garcia will make it to his fight against Devin Haney. Over the last few weeks, ‘KingRy’ has had more and more bizarre behavior. In case you missed it, Garcia has made a series of claims.

Those claims include having proof of aliens, knowing who killed Tupac Shakur, and alleging that unnamed individuals took him to Bohemian Grove. Many, including stars such as UFC champion Sean O’Malley, have alleged that Ryan Garcia’s behavior is drug-related. However, the New York State Commission believes the comments could be mental-health related.

The boxer famously took a hiatus in 2021, due to mental health issues. Well, New York seemingly wants to make sure Ryan Garcia is well enough to fight Devin Haney next month. Taking to Instagram Live, the boxing star revealed that the commission wanted him to take a mental evaluation. As a result, he wants to see them in court.


Ryan Garcia

Image via: @kingryan on Instagram

Ryan Garcia threatens to sue NY commission ahead of Devin Haney boxing match

“NYC commission, they’re trying to challenge me for a mental evaluation.” Ryan Garcia stated on a recent Instagram Live stream, ahead of his return to the boxing ring against Devin Haney. “I said, okay, what is your premise for your mental evaluation? ‘Oh, your tweets and your posts.’ Is it not my US constitutional right to have free speech? So because I’m tweeting what I’m tweeting, that’s premises for a mental evaluation. Huh, that’s curious. Now you’re trying to mess with my constitutional rights, so now I’m going to sue you.”

He continued, “I’m going to you for defamation of character, actually. They won’t test Mike Tyson if he fought in New York, but they will test me. Huh, sounds a little fishy to me, and I love Mike, and Mike loves me. I can’t wait for them to take me to court because I will literally defeat them.”

What do you make of these comments? Do you believe Ryan Garcia will actually face Devin Haney in their scheduled boxing match?